Dating site for republicans

28-Aug-2017 22:14

But believe it or not, there aren't any walls here.

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But this January, noticed something surprising: a in activity among the site’s more liberal users.

Users in counties that voted for Donald Trump seem to be more interested in dating than users in counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Match was curious about why, as the site didn’t see conservatives drop out of the game after Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012.

As Ezra Klein has written, it’s now more common for Americans to discriminate based on politics than it is to discriminate based on race.

“The more partisanship becomes a social identity — and I think this is as true today as it's been in modern American politics — the more we should expect people to engage in in-group favoritism and out-group discrimination," political scientist Danny Hayes told Klein.The results suggested the election really did have an effect on users’ self-reported dating drive: 29 percent of liberals said they felt like dating since Trump won. Around 60 percent of the liberals responded they are less likely to date a conservative than two years ago.