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The researchers are worried that lionfish are now swimming to deeper reefs, down to nearly 250 meters (800 feet) below the surface off the coast of Curacao, likely eating fish that live in those mostly unexplored parts of the ocean.'Once we discovered invasive lionfish — sometimes in huge numbers — inhabiting barely explored deep reefs, our concern was that these voracious predators might be gobbling up biodiversity before scientists even know it exists,' said co-author of the research Dr Carole Baldwin, curator of fishes at the National Museum of Natural History.'This study suggests that they are doing just that.' While the new species of goby fish is being eaten by the lionfish, the good is that the goby fish appears to be abundant throughout the Caribbean.From a submarine, the researchers recorded footage of a lionfish cornering, attacking and eating the new species.

While on a submarine diver, researchers recorded footage of a lionfish eating a newly discovered species of goby fish now named the Ember goby Researchers from the University of Washington and the Smithsonian Institution say this is the first reported case of lionfish preying upon a fish species that had not yet been named.The researchers used a 6.5-ton submarine to study fish.It has two robotic arms that capture fish by spraying them with water or an anesthetic, and then collecting them using a vacuum hose.Researchers have observed it in large numbers on many submarine trips around the region.

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But almost o a third of the fish species along deep reefs still haven't been names, and they could be at risk of predation if lionfish continue to invade the area.They plan to look inside the stomachs of lionfish captured in deep water to see what they're eating.