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Spike Lee's thriller, with Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Christopher Plummer, Willem Dafoe and Chiwetel Ejiofor American Muscle Madness Season 1 Episode 6/8Jeff and Perry discover a treasure trove of four-wheel classics, but the owner is eccentric and tricky to deal with.Later, Jeff's efforts to impress a big customer are thwarted by his dad Roundman, who once again tries to steal his son's thunder on the auction block.Backtrack Season 2 Episode 11/13Bodie and Doyle investigate the death of a burglar who was killed after seeing classified information about a foreign country, and resort to theft in a bid to uncover the embassy's sinister secrets.Liz Fraser and Michael Elphick guest star The Madness of Mickey Hamilton Season 2 Episode 12/13The resources of CI5 are stretched when a mentally unbalanced former soldier starts killing hospital staff, believing them responsible for the death of his wife and for the brain damage suffered by his young daughter.

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The chairman of the bank involved is worried the mastermind behind the heist is set to disclose secrets he needs to stay hidden, so he enlists the help of a political fixer.

Detective drama, starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here Season 2 Episode 4/13Terry minds a boxer, but is less than impressed to discover the promoter is betting on his opponent to win the next bout. Alfred Marks, Paul Barber and Vicki Michelle guest star Not a Bad Lad, Dad Season 2 Episode 5/13Terry arrives home to find a nine-year-old boy on his doorstep claiming to be his son, and ends up with a minding job he had not anticipated.

He forms a bond with the youngster, eventually taking his side against his stepfather.

However, over time the brothers began to clash, while enemies stood ready to bring them down.

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Starring Gary and Martin Kemp, Billie Whitelaw and Tom Bell Biopic of the infamous twin brothers who built up a criminal empire in the East End of London during the 1960s.However, the elaborate nature of the thief's plan looks set to keep him one step ahead of the law, and causes problems for the detective assigned to rectify the situation.

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Speaking of Pulitzer winners, Jennifer Egan’s follow-up to 2011’s A Visit from the Good Squad has been feverishly anticipated, and boy, has she delivered with Manhattan Beach (Scribner).… continue reading »

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