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The nominations for the Best Acting: (Presented by Elliot Wright, TV personality) 1. Major Kurt Fleischer, war weary commander of an elite troop of German soldiers, is ordered to escort a female scientist into a mysterious forest behind enemy lines to retrieve an ancient relic. In each story the main character experience death and they live another life that seems just like another day.

Sinopsis: En la frontera Este durante la II Guerra Mundial. Regretting their ignorance that caused pain to t Synopsis: Lost in Escapade explores a story of 2 young people, Tina and Sandro, who missed each other in time and geographical space.

This series provides a collaborative space for Latin American and Caribbean archivists to share their projects, experiences, and takeaways and fostering a two-way communication between professionals throughout the Americas.

Faced with their own lies must decide whether even have a future and if there is hope for them. Dark Rome The winner is: Far Too Far (Received by the writer director of the film Justin Hunt) Synopsis: Linda is an attractive, intelligent single mother of a nine year old daughter, whom she affectionately calls ‘Bug’. Synopsis: Whilst trying to find the origin of social protests and revolutions, researchers from a Russian scientific research institute discover that a virus is the cause. Sam discovers the reason for this: She’s the 100th woman he’s been to bed with. Sam descubre la razón: Ella es la mujer número 1oo con la que se ha acostado. El evento es en español y se llevará a cabo el martes, 28 de noviembre 2017 a las siguientes horas locales: webinar series. S.-Mexico border newspaper’s cartography that records geographic locations of nineteenth and mid-twentieth century periodicals. Esta serie provee un espacio colaborativo para archivistas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe donde se pueden compartir proyectos, experiencias y mensajes principales y a la vez fomentar comunicación bidireccional entre profesionales a lo largo de las Américas. Ellas nos hablarán sobre la misión del BAC, un mapa digital que preserva y presenta una sintesis visual de periódicos publicados en la region de la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos. Álvarez, doctoral students from the University of Houston and founders of the Borderlands Archives Cartography (BAC), are the invited speakers. Fernández and Álvarez will discuss the mission of BAC, a digital map that displays the U. Fernández Doctoral student Hispanic Studies, University of Houston Haga clic aqui para accede al evento en vivo Click here to participate in the online event https://fiuconnect.adobeconnect.com/rykdtgmlexf5 La sección de los Archivos de Patrimonio Cultural de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (LACCHA) de la Sociedad de Archivistas Americanos (SAA), en asociación con la Biblioteca Digital del Caribe (d LOC) y la Asociación de Bibliotecas Universitarias, de Investigación e Institucionales del Caribe (ACURIL), ha organizado , una serie de seminarios por Internet recalcando proyectos archivísticos de Latinoamérica y el Caribe.Ellas comparten un mundo de fantasía que aparece cuando Claudia cuenta una historia a su hija.

En ese mundo, ellas son una reina y una princesa expulsadas de un reino. Pierre reaches the summer pasture with his dog and his flock of ewes.

4.00pm – 30 – Love 100 min USA 6.00pm – Single in South Beach 90 min USA 8.00pm – Casual Encounter 100 min USA 4.00pm – CE Mark For Sale (D) 60min Nt 5.00pm – Street Kids (D) 97 min Brazil 7.00pm – Shorts Group C (6 films ) 100 min 4.30pm – Soldiers of Damned 100min UK 6.30pm – Blood Orange 90 min UK 8.00pm – Rise of Krays 110 min UK 4.00pm – Shorts Group A (6 films) 101 min 6.00pm – The Dead Still Have Names (D) 80 min 7.30pm – The Judgment 110 min Germany/Bulgaria/Croatia/Macedonia 2.00pm – Justice & Co 86 min Spain 4.00pm – Rumbling 91min Czech 6.00pm – Arthur & Merlin 100 min UK 8.00pm – North vs South 100 min UK 2.00pm – Almost Friends 60 min Israel 3.00pm – Shorts Group B (8 film) 85 min 5.00pm – Box25 (D) 75 min Panama 6.00pm – In Another Life (S) 30min Japan 7.00pm – A Dark Rome 100 min Italy 1. Synopsis: The night of their sixth anniversary, a successful marriage comes together to celebrate and the wife announces its long awaited pregnancy.