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11-Jun-2017 06:57

Better yet would be to position the unit as you would a white noise generator, (across the room, not so close to the head of the bed).

Some of the sounds on this are better than others to me.

Sometimes I use the sounds to drown out the TV in another room and sometimes I use them just to calm my mind.

The sound quality is actually better than I expected.

The only problem I had with the clock is that it’s difficult to locate the snooze button then you are half awake.

Certain sounds are cyclical by nature and lend themselves to the fairly short loop that the unit uses (Surf's up, Ebb tide, Dockside,ect).

Several sounds are very nice just because of their content; I like the distant rooster in Everglades for example, and Rainforest is nice as well.

From what I have read, the previous models did not offer this.

The unit is fairly lightweight, but has non-skid feet that stop is from sliding around.

I was required, as part of setup, to tell the unit the month, day, year, hour and minute, AM or PM; I didn't see anything automatic about the clock setup.