Nokia 3310 ringtone composer online dating

14-Jun-2017 20:59

Now that might not sound like a lot in today’s world with 32GB storage becoming standard, but in the year 2000 these capabilities made it a great phone.

Plus the Nokia 3310 was known for its durability and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

A basic phone could be used to stream music, navigate using offline turn by turn navigation, use instant messaging applications such as Whats App, surf the web, and respond to emails.

The touch-and-type devices, in the Asha lineup were exactly the kind of gadgets needed for those moving on from feature phones.

The device is a strong statement, demonstrating the capabilities and potential of a seventeen year old phone. There is no need to push this device to the limits. Feature phones are not exactly extinct, but are being superseded by "smart" devices. The phone is reminiscent of the 3310 launched in 2000, and that is the only differentiating factor. Feature phones also saw an evolution with the design restrictions of price points and basic communication needs.

Nokia continued to offer exceptional services and applications on its affordable devices.

It was an absolute beast and also featured a long battery that could last 55 hours on standby. Here’s the unofficial listing So if Nokia 3310 makes a return, who will buy it?

Here’s a look at the top five iconic Nokia phones over the years.

The 3310 was one of the legendary tier phones made by Nokia.

The phone has been included in the national emoji set of Finland (in other news, Finland has a national emoji set). The 2017 device is made by HMD Global, which acquired the rights to use the Nokia brand for ten years from Microsoft.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (2008) Released in 2008, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was the company’s first touchscreen phone running Symbian OS (S60).

The phone was launched with the service Nokia Music Store.

The feature phone is still the preferred device for many, and smartphones prices haven’t really come down as drastically, according to the research firm.