Statistics about violence in teen dating relationships

30-Oct-2017 15:15

Emotional abuse may include isolating a dating partner by trying to control the time they spend with friends and family, limiting the activities someone is involved in, or humiliating a dating partner through social sabotage.

Sometimes abusers use technology—texting, calls, instant messages, or social networking sites—to check up on a partner and try to control their behavior.

Estimates of teen dating violence prevalence vary widely, because studies define and measure violence differently over different periods of time for different populations. As you talk with your kids about their tech habits, it’s really important to understand that participation in the digital landscape is a key part of young peoples’ social experience.In talking with your kids about sensible guidelines, let them know that you are interested in helping them use technology safely, not in restricting their use of these devices.Here are some facts from the Center for Disease control about the prevalence of teen dating violence in the United States: Since many teens are confronted by dating violence dynamics, you can contribute to the health of your child’s relationship by recognizing the early warning signs of abuse.

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Kids who are being abused by a partner may: If you see these red flags in your teen’s relationship, it’s important that you speak up and let them know you’re concerned.

In this page we use “dating” as an inclusive term covering the range of adolescent romantic relationships ranging from casual, episodic encounters to longer-term, committed relationships. TDV can include physical abuse—things like hitting, pushing, slapping, or strangling a dating partner.

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