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06-Jun-2017 10:03

You will then see the Data Validation dialogue box.We focused on importing data from text files, Access files, and the web.Next, choose the range for your data from the Data dropdown menu.These options should all be familiar to you, so you should understand how they will work to restrict the types of data that can be entered.In order to make data validation work, you have to tell Excel what type of data you want to allow in a cell or range of cells.In other words, you have to create criteria that must be met in order for the data to be permitted. In our PRODUCT ID column, all of our product IDs contain five characters. We want to prohibit any more than five characters being entered into these cells.

As you can see in the snapshots above, your data sources include files, databases, and other sources such as web pages.

In the Data Validation dropdown box, click on the Settings tab. From the Allow dropdown menu, choose List, as we have done below.

Next, click in the source field, then select the source for your list.

An input message is a message that appears whenever a cell that contains data validation rules is selected. You create input messages to let anyone who enters data into your worksheet know what specific type of data can be entered into the active cell. Next, enter a title for the message, then the message you want to appear, as we have done below. To remove the circles, go to the Data Validation dropdown menu, and select Clear Validation Circles.

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This clues them in, so to speak, so they can enter the type of data that is requested. Now, whenever a user clicks on a cell that contains the data rules we specified in the last section, they will be met with this message: As we saw earlier in this article, when someone enters an incorrect type of data into a cell where you have placed data rules, they are met with this default message: You can customize this message to provide instructions so that the user will be more likely to press Retry. Click on the dropdown arrow for Data Validation, then select Data Validation. Leave the checkmark in place, because you want the error message displayed so a user knows they have entered an incorrect type of data. Since ours is a warning, we want to ask them a YES/NO question. This is our new error message: As you saw in the last section, if you set your error message to the styles Warning or Information, users are still allowed to enter invalid data. Sometimes it is a good idea to give people who enter data into your worksheet a dropdown list of data choices that they can enter into a cell.

To enter an input message, go to the Data tab again, then go to Data Validation. You will be brought back to the Data Validation dialogue box. Whenever the cell is selected, you want the message to appear, so leave the checkmark beside the box Show Input Message When Cell is Selected. We are going to enter "Instructions." In the Input Message field, enter the message you want to be displayed. They just have to confirm that they want to enter it. If you look at our worksheet below, you can see the column Warehouse Location.

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