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Emojis were first introduced in Japan back in the late 90s, after a group of Japanese people working for a telecoms company needed a way to distinguish their pager service from those of the competitors.The teeny tiny illustrative cartoons were never intended to become popular for widespread use, but when Apple introduced their first i Phone back in 2007, they were forced to include an emoji keyboard buried deep in the operating system, as a way of appealing to the emoji-demanding Japanese market.Its original meaning: In Japanese culture this symbol is used to express apology or gratitude. But there's still a strong argument for it being a high-five, we reckon...What we use it for: When we've just had our hair cut, or we've dolled ourselves up, we'll use the hair flick to illustrate how we're feelin' fine. When does anyone ever need to use an emoji to illustrate an information desk girl? What we use it for: This is such a versatile emoji.Its original meaning: Did you even realise those dancing twins were wearing bunny ears? But they're pretty pivotal to its meaning, which is representative of the Japanese concept of a 'Bunny Girl' symbolising sex appeal (think Playboy bunnies) and often used in cosplay.What we use it for: Well, basically, as a shooting star.; literally: "micro-message") is a Chinese multi-purpose social media mobile application software developed by Tencent.

Before a night out, those dancing twins are nearly always whipped out.So when we discovered that we were using some of our favourite emojis we thought we'd share their original meaning, derived from Japanese culture, with you. And ultimately, we don't think we'll be changing our emoji habits any time soon.But here are the REAL meanings of some of the best-loved emojis on that keyboard.Or as a way of glitzing up existing emojis that we think should look more magical. Now we love emojis just as much as the next person, but the day we have to communicate our symptoms to our GP through use of emojis will be a sad one.

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Like the previous lack of unicorn emoji, for example; the horse emoji with added shell and shooting star can instantly transform it into the mystical creature we so crave in emoji form. Its original meaning: Er, so it's not a star at all. What we use it for: When we're seriously hoping something will go our way, we whack out the praying hands.

A new wave of emojis has landed on We Chat for more efficient communication.